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  • Northern European Modern Furniture looks like matching together by nature unexpected, however, all of them dazzle the eyes by nature brilliantly expected. There is always a visual center crosses to any space, (each space always has a visual center,) and the center is an artwork being full frequently with life power, endowing understanding details, spreading loveliness with deed impression accidentally. The simple, romantic phenomenon floods over the modern world, as a result, who turns around at a glance will meet iwood story. iwood established in 2009 for catering for  the Northern European Fashion with natural and elegant criteria. Hoping the Nordic Modern Style will be elevated into a higher level, that we call original art, based on the nature, communicating with nature, resonating with nature, interpreting the natural original ecology art, giving the modern furniture more individual, more sweeter health attitude of the live.

    Fast-paced modern life has taken people’s value time in days and nights, however, it never ever brings our heart dreams away potentially, iwood will cherish each classics carefully.

  • The founder of Original Art--iwood

    The heritage of modern art is the most influential emerging artist home furnishing products brand at this stage inChina.

    iwood designers always believe that life space should have its unique temperament: simplicity, elegance, fashion, sweetness.

    iwood is based on for contemporary home furniture creating a modern like consciousness: Enjoy the fashion,Enjoy life, Enjoy the arts.

    Art is not only dressing appearance up, but also expressing a lifestyle of individuality.With the world’s top level design team falling in love to create.

    Mashing up the latest fashion elements trend with those countries, such asNorway,Sweden,Finland,Denmark andIceland. Etc.

    The combination of rich product series and multivariate design shows Home Furnishing Living Art Form all-in-one.

    Relying on its special aesthetic pursuit and fashion perspective, iwood has won numerous customer loyalty of love.

  • To abandon the demagogic and luxurious design, to focus on the smooth line design, to pursuit natural Art wisdom and inspiration

    Pay more attention to people-oriented, pay more attention to comfortable experience and practical function in the first place.

    The pursuit of simple, direct, functional and close to the natural style, with strong post-modernistic characteristics.

    Based on modern fashion, reflects the modern urban people into an orientation and melody in New Era.

    Respected the idea of low carbon environmental protection, using the world first-class quality wood, and creating a harmless human life space.

    Pursuit to close to the perfect creation, a successful item formed finally which often needs countless repeated conclusive proofing and needs to be modified carefully.

  • Focus the organic and scientific combination on human with nature, society and the environment.

    Concentrated green design, environmental design and sustainable development design concept.

    Demonstrated having a respect and love for traditional crafts and natural materials.

    In the form of more gentle and organic, make commodity rich human kindness

    Emphasis on the utility function, simplify the design, simple line, use vivid neutral element in more.


  • In 2009, unique style home furnishing brand—iwood established in China, starting the modern original art home furnishing idea at the first, focus on the high-level home furnishing product’s design, manufacture, and sale.

    After many years of sustained efforts for the construction and promotion of brand, in order to introduce thebrand connotation to customers all-in-one, agents and the media. So far, iwood has already become a creating fashion home furnishing brand a very modern connotation and marketing power, occupy strongly a stable position on home furnishing industry, continue to implement market share up-rating.

    Objectives of marketing development: the spirit of advancing with times, innovative business philosophy, iwood endeavor to build a distribution consisting of both the breadth and depth of marketing network consists of electronic commerce and traditional agent, give a full play to the promotion of iwood brand in the internal layout.

    Brand awareness, brand influence and beaming adjacent market works, in near the future, enterprise development depth cooperation in a second tier city large home furnishing supplies professional market and domestic well-know B2C, B2B electronic network platform, vigorously develops terminal marketing network.

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